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Churnet & Dove Council of Royal and Select Masters no 240


This lodge was founded in 2003. The Order itself was founded in 1873.  

Often referred to as ‘Cryptic Masonry’ this order confers four degrees which, arguably, include some of the most beautiful and inspiring Ritual to be found in Freemasonry. To become a ‘Companion’ within the order, an applicant must be both a Companion of the  Royal Arch and a Mark Master Mason. 

Providing a link between the Royal Arch, Mark Masonry and the Third Degree, this order provides a historical context to many of the events within masonic ritual and further insight into the character of one of its main protagonists.

As with many of the additional orders within freemasonry, the order of Royal and Select Masters is administered from Mark Masons Hall in St James St, London. Please click on the link provided for more information. 

When We Meet

The Council meets three times a year.

On the second  Friday of February, the fourth Monday in July and the first Tuesday in September. 

Meetings start at 6pm. 

Our installation is held at the February meeting.

Events 2021/22

Mon 25 Jul 22 at 6.00 pmCouncil Meeting

Tue 6 Sep 22 at 6.00 pm Council Meeting

Fri 10 Feb 23 at 6.00 pm – Installation Meeting

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Now you have learnt a little more about what Freemasonry is, if you are interested in joining please read our “Become a mason” page.

*Please note: For all enquiries relating to Fly Fishers Lodge, please in the first instance Email their Secretary at 

Admin Contact:

Bro Simon Meredith

Mob: 07801 282 036


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